Youth Development

A number of programs directed at developing cultural, professional and leadership skills are being developed

Sports and Fitness

The goal these programs is to help individuals of all ages have fun, build team spirit and cultivate a happy, healthy and a stress free lifestyle.

Community Programs

The emphasis of these programs is to help individuals and families develop a stress managed and a healthy life style.

About Youth Harmony Center

Harmony youth center (HYC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community with an emphasis on youth development. HYC classes and activities to help youths enhance professional (technology, science, math), leadership (communication, team building), and extracurricular (arts, music, technology, painting) skills to become productive, responsible, caring citizens,

Although the major emphasis of HYC activities is on the youth, a number of programs including sports and fitness are open to members of all age groups to help cultivate stress managed and happy lifestyles.


Dance For Kids

Learn dancing with flavours of dance styles like Art in motion, Motion dancer, Beat busters and folk....

Ladies Fitness Class

Learn advance techniques to help build stamina, strength, focus and improved memory. ....


Show your creativity and walk away with your own, hand-painted artwork, when you attend this afternoon painting party


Technology for Seniors

  • Computer Basics
  • Video Chat
  • Virus/Spams
  • Online Shopping

Music Class

  • Theory of classical music
  • Simple and advanced alankaars
  • Knowledge of at least five raags

Technology for Youth

  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • ASP .Net
  • SQL

Homework Help (8 - 18 Years)

  • • Help students understand the material they are studying in school
  • Provide age-appropriate effective study strategies.
  • Build confidence.
  • Provide support and guidance.

Hindi Classes

  • Hindi Level 1
  • Hindi Level 2
  • Hindi Level 3
  • Hindi Level 4






Global Seva Missions

Click here to register for 2023 camps. ... Read More

Skills Enhancement

The Skills Enhancement Program provides programs and services that develop academic and personal skills to improve productivity and improve standards of living.

Parenting Workshop (Adults)

This workshop gives parents, care providers, and teachers the tools they need to be better parents at each stage of their child’s life.

Youth Development

The purpose of this workshop is to problem-solving and decision making skills offering youth-oriented forums with personal enhancement and empowering activities ...

Debate (Youth)

This program will introduce students to the basic concepts and strategies surrounding effective public speaking, argumentation, and academic debate in an engaging,way.

Siblings Without Rivalry

The goal of the Siblings without Rivalry TM group workshop is to help you to help your children learn how to live together

Community Programs

HYC is partnering with established institutes to inspire teachers to develop community programs consistent with its vision and mission. The activities planned at HYC can be broadly classified as youth development and family enrichment.